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KANSA DOBERMANS is a family-owned kennel located in Wichita, Kansas USA. We have been breeding, raising, training, and showing quality Dobermans since 1976 with a focus on seeking the best from around the world. We have combined the best of North and South America, Europe, the UK, and Australia.

Our dogs are not just show dogs, working dogs, or pets, they are part of our family and are raised in our home in a loving and nurturing environment. We are dedicated to producing top-quality Dobermans that excel in conformation, temperament, and health. Our family team consists of experienced breeders and handlers who are committed to providing the best possible care for our dogs and their puppies.

At KANSA DOBERMANS, we strive to maintain the breed standard and produce dogs that are not only beautiful but also intelligent, loyal, and loving companions and reflect proper Doberman Character. We have bred over 50 AKC Champions and many other Schutzhund, Obedience, Barn Hunt and other performance titled dogs. Contact us to learn more about our breeding program and available puppies whether you are looking for a show dog, working dog, performance dog, or a family pet.

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